Ezina Turq
Grace CD
Grace Book
  • Discover your own grace
  • Includes tools to build consistent meditative practice
  • End the vicious cycles of validation
  • Learn to savor simplicity
  • Learn mantras to calm the mind & soul
  • Bonus video showing proven warmup routines
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Ezina Introduces GRACE 

World music artist Ezina announces her newest project--a CD/book combo titled Grace to be released on September 9. 

Grace Balancing your life with Mantra, Meditation and Movement will be Ezina’s tenth print publication. The record Grace marks Ezina’s sixth independent studio album and will feature nine new songs, along with a special re-recording of her top single, “Wake Pray Meditate Slay.”  

While it's evident that world beats, Rock, R&B and funk grooves have always been an inspiration to her music, in Grace, Ezina explores various landscapes, both physical and emotional.  

Fusing new age funk into prayers, Sikh chants, Hindu mantras, Buddhist mantras and yoga transports the listener through a modern kaleidoscope of mystical music. Her urban upbringing bring a new energy and an expanded audience to this genre of music and yoga based books.